Mantra Marketing Group
An international group of direct sales and marketing companies.
dispersed throughout the UK
What we believe in
Bringing human energy to business-to-consumer marketing.

With 20-plus years of proven experience within the direct sales industry, We’ve successfully built a brand that continues to grow through the same principles we deliver to our clients; people at the core, potential at the forefront, and support from every angle. Our organisation spans multiple locations throughout Europe, showcasing each time the power of marketing in real life.

Who we are

Make an impact, have a presence

The Mantra Organisation is a broad network of direct sales agencies that provide life-altering marketing services for companies, brands and entrepreneurs around Europe. We’ve built an expansive portfolio of sales divisions, having worked with global brands and clients, spanning the non-profit sector to the telecommunications and entertainment industries.

the clients choice

Proving every day how valued human connection truly is

We’ve been able to successfully expand globally by focusing on quality, authentic connections and genuine consideration for all involved. We’re not an outsourced marketing team, we are your brand ambassadors.


Our core team

James Buckley


Fran Davies


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Grow your business.
With over £30 million generated per year for our clients and partners, Mantra Marketing provides a professional sales solution to any business wanting to increase their customer base.
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